Bride of Christ- (Pastor's Appreciation)

Unto what does your appreciation hang?

Upon what premises do the strongholds of your favor and excellency stand?

It could be the ring in your voice; the sound of authority, a pinch of compassion laid in the soundness of God's truth.

It could be the depth of your cry; the whelp of the wounded lion- interceding for mercy, laboring through love.

No, but rather it is the steadfastness of His love in you. The planting of His faithfulness in your bowels that makes your steps to be ordered and your feet to be rooted in the hope of His strength.

It is the excellency of His Spirit- the incomparable, inconceivable power of that Divine who gives you wisdom beyond learnedness, revelation into the deep and preservation of His law in your heart so that none of your steps slide.

Unto Him we give honor, we give glory for your life. Through His grace we show appreciation to the Bride of Christ.

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