Broken And Surrendered

"Verily, Verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit" John 12:24 KJV

       As we enter into the season of thanksgiving and celebration, may our hearts be fixed on the truth of our purpose in this life, and not the distractions of transitions, paradigm shifts and new structures. So much has happened, and still happening that the ability to truly focus on the foundation by which we exist can wane and sometimes become a practice of lip service and no heart. If there is ever a lesson learnt from life however, it is that when things do not make sense, it is an opportunity to prostrate forward in broken sincerity and surrendered hope to our self existing Creator and all knowing King.

       But what does it mean to be broken? Why is it necessary to be broken rather than to put one's shoulder to the wheel and allow science to work out the affairs of our man- made system? How does one even truly surrender?

       It may be more effective to break down the pieces by identifying what it is not. If we look at the recorded history, In the book of Jonah when the Word of the Lord went forth to preach unto Nineveh, Jonah decided against the instruction and instead chose to rebel. Of course, the consequence of his rebellion and stubbornness landed him in the belly of a whale for three days but when he did decide to repent and obey instruction, he spared a city of more than sixty thousand souls from plagues and outright destruction. In the book of 1st Chronicles 21, king David allowed himself to be tempted of satan. His ego and pride as king of Israel went before him to order a census of the Lord's people which displeased Yahova Elohim. The Lord therefore presented David with three options that put him between a rock and a hard place as judgment for his error. When he admitted his error and yielded himself to Yahova Elohim, the Lord spared the people and showed mercy. There are countless other events, and if we observe them as lessons, we learn that to be broken and surrendered is to not trust or human selves. If we accept the truth of the matter that there is a power in control of the greater schemes of life, the thought itself renders us as insignificant on any plane.

 The Fruit of Brokenness

       The expectation of being surrendered then becomes peace through obedience; productivity through willingness, increase through submission. As the opening quote to this blog alludes, a lack of brokenness or surrender means isolation. It means that the absence of that quality will bring frustration. This is to say that except we die to self, and allow ourselves to submit to Yahova Elohim, there is no serving our community, there is no ability to be present for ourselves and our families and the propensity for fear, depression and hopelessness becomes a daily part of life.

       Christ- Yashua Hamashiac surrendered himself and became broken as the greatest example for the principle and expression of love. In the book of John 3:30 He said He must "decrease" that Yahova Elohim may "increase" [because] "He that cometh from above is above all. In Mark 14:36 KJV, He said "Abba Father, all things are possible unto thee, take away this cup from me; nevertheless, not what I will but what thou will." Until Christ surrendered, salvation for all mean did not exist. Without His submission and brokenness, all the sacrifices of oxen, pigeons and lambs together could not get the world into a state of eternal life and existence with the Everlasting King. The fruit of being broken therefore is life. It is comfort, reconciliation, peace, happiness and belongingness. When we surrender, we get results; we gain shelter.

      In closing, as we observe this period of thanksgiving, may we surrender our hearts to the mercies of our loving Creator who never changes. May we rest in the hope that although the world is changing before our very eyes, our Lord of hosts who carried Israel out of bondage will carry us through this and many other uncertainties to come. May we be broken before His vastness and allow ourselves to be transformed and used unto His glory.

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