Transformation from lowly to glory

My cells vibrate gratitude.

From the latitude of the celestial

Extraterrestrial, heavens of heavens

In which your excellence reigns

To the core of my soul,

The fibers of my very being-

Lord I Am so grateful.


Through the complexities of spatial dimensions

Grace speaks and ushers in the conformation

Of the renewing of this stubbornness

To the power of your love.


The depth of your essence,

That effervescence of your presence

Which makes me to tremble in awe

Of your divine spirit is so profound.

And for all of this I Am so grateful.


I Am birthing the refining,

From faith to faith

I Am travailing in your truth and autonomy

Travailing in believing 

Not seeing yet receiving the magnanimity 

Of Your etherealness,

The fecundity of your spirit and power.


I Am so grateful, Oh Lord, so grateful!!

For your Spirit and truth



All Rights Reserved. March 21, 2021 10:20PM

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