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Divine Encounter 40-Day Journey to Total Freedom, Healing, and Prosperity 2nd Edition

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Do you want to be extraordinarily blessed by God? Do you need a “Divine Encounter with God”? This book can release the absolute raw power of God, by the illumination of the undiluted word of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit with spiritual warfare, releasing breakthrough, divine healing, fruit of the womb, salvation for our children and loved ones, favor, power, restoration and protection through fasting and prayers. You’ll see how this book can help you leave the past behind—and break through to the life you were meant to live. The author has chronicled various powerful prayers from the Holy Bible to release the raw power of the living God. Without an Encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit, you would remain trapped and live far below your potential. Discover how to live daily in the power of the Holy Spirit and explore the preparation necessary to experience the power of the living God through a 40 days soul fast and fervent prayers.